Lifeproof + Sustainability


When it comes to conserving natural resources, we are what we make. That’s why LifeProof is committed to finding more Earth-friendly ways to improve product lifecycles, so we can help protect and preserve our planet. And in particular, our oceans.

As an eco-friendly brand, LifeProof’s worldview is shaped by the beach that brought us to life. We grew up with one foot in the sand and one in the surf. It was our radical idea to make phones WaterProof so active individuals could live without limits.

Water has sustained us. And we have a responsibility to help it heal from the current plastic pollution pandemic. So, we’re plotting a course toward making a positive impact, and it all starts with feeding ocean-based recycled plastic into our product portfolio.

Leading the sea change is WĀKE, our first case crafted with design, aesthetics and eco-consciousness at its core. WĀKE is made from more than 85% ocean-based recycled plastic + entirely from recyclable materials. And it’s just the start. The next wave of eco-conscious cases — FRĒ, NËXT + SEE — are here and now. Our Wearables collection for Apple Watch and AirPods continues the quest, diverting existing materials out of the environment and giving them a second life. A third. And a fourth.


  • LifeProof’s ocean-based plastic supplier collects discarded nets, ropes and other materials from the maritime industry to be recycled into the raw material we use as the base for WĀKE (this material also is used in FRĒ and NËXT).

  • LifeProof has repurposed over 68,000 kg of post-industrial-recycled and over 29,000 kg of ocean-based plastics. More to come.

  • Our consumer give-back program — Make Waves — directly supports nonprofits focused on clean-water initiatives. We've given back over $20,000 and counting.

  • Through our LifeCycle program, LifeProof accepts WĀKE and Wearables products back from consumers and repurposes the materials. We are exploring options for repurposing other product lines as we move forward.


Central to the LifeProof sustainable brand pledge is letting our consumers give back. After purchase, they can visit our site, review our non-profit partners and decide which organization gets a dollar — we cover the donation.

Not only does this create sustainable brand advocates, but it helps fund worthy causes with shared interests. We also welcome all customers interested in joining the program with matching donations. Check out our water-minded nonprofit partners, here:


When WĀKE or Wearables come to an end, it’s just the beginning. Through the LifeCycle program we recycle them into raw materials and make something new. Sustainability on repeat puts plastic pollution in check. It’s good for your case and our planet.

The steps are simple: Clean off any stickers or add-ons. Pack those well-loved products in an envelope (recycled for extra karma). And mail them our way.


LifeProof is committed to a sustainable future where quality remains paramount, aesthetics set trends and production reduces pollution. It is a massive undertaking to turn the ship. With your support, we can inspire our consumers, create a shift in the market and make our oceans healthier.