Nikōra Smith: Return to your roots

The Evolution of FRĒ

Into and under the water. Through the mud, muck and mayhem. Up and over the precipitous and snow-piled. From city streets to wherever the dusty two-track leads. Since its inception in 2008, FRĒ has stood tall through it all, bringing its up-for-anything attitude to the get-after-it pursuits that make unprotected devices think twice.

Green machined: David Nebel

Progress comes either with a push or a nudge. When LifeProof decided to reduce our environmental impact, we had someone on the team ready to push us down the path of sustainability. We call him David Nebel.

Clean Your Phone Case

Whether set up to track miles or send memes from the bathroom, your phones and accessories go everywhere you go — and touch everything you touch. All those surfaces are likely alive with bacteria, which are now dancing in your hands and on your device. Luckily, keeping your LifeProof case fresh and clean is easy. Because you’ve got better things to do than get sick. Like send memes.

Ready, Willing and Wearable

Whether diving into a new adventure or pushing a product line beyond the confines of a floating garbage pile, exploring uncharted waters with purpose and care is how the elements of life and proof come together to turn standard endings into fresh starts.

Arisa Yoon: Good things take time

A joyride. A dented bumper. A grounded summer. When LifeProof Ambassador Arisa Yoon took the family van for an unlicensed spin in her freshman year of high school, she couldn’t anticipate the act’s long-ranging effects. It’s made her who she is.

Ocean Commotion

139,000,000 square miles. That's about the size of our ocean if you summed up the seven seas. Vast is an understatement. Yet for years, people have underestimated their capacity to impact the blue bits of our planet. That's one reason why we're in a plastic pollution pickle now.

Case Collection

When it comes to chocolates, not knowing what you're biting into isn't a bad thing. For a case that's going to stay with you for the life of your phone, you should know a few facts. Let's delve into the recipes we follow to cook up quality phone cases.

Our Aesthetic

At LifeProof, we've always cared just as much about how your case looks on your phone as how it safeguards your phone. Sure, it would be easy to churn out chunky cases and call it a day, but we make stuff we'd actually want to use. So our engineers work hand-in-hand with our design team to create something special. Something that deserves to wear the badge of LifeProof.