Ready, willing and wearable

Whether diving into a new adventure or pushing a product line beyond the confines of a floating garbage pile, exploring uncharted waters with purpose and care is how the elements of life and proof come together to turn standard endings into fresh starts.

Case in point, moving to ocean-based recycled plastic in our woke WĀKE design immediately set the stage for LifeProof’s next phase of eco-conscious reconnaissance.

Born of a desire to honor the water that sustains us — by helping it heal from the plastic pollution pandemic that troubles us — our Wearables collection of Apple Watch and AirPods accessories gets after it, while getting greener in the process.

Low profile, low impact and longsighted — the Eco-Friendly Case for Apple Watch saves the seas, deflects damage and keeps your trusted timepiece functioning through it all. Made from 85% ocean-based recycled plastic, it features streamlined edge-to-edge protection and a corner-hugging fit that doesn’t quit. So you don’t have to either.

With your mobile clock ready for action, it’s time to add the Eco-Friendly Band for Apple Watch to the ensemble. As stylish as it is sustainable, the band is spun from 99% ocean plastic yarn that makes for a strong, comfortable, wear-and-fade resistant ally. One that’s fully in tune with our bluer ocean efforts.

And last, but no less savvy, we’ve got your Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro faves covered, with sleek eco-friendly cases that keep charging cases scuff-free and safe. Crafted from 75% ocean-based recycled plastic, determined edge-to-edge protection comes standard. So does a quick-clip carabiner that attaches easily to your everyday kit.

When it comes to shrinking our footprint, slipping into Wearables is a step in the right direction. Plus, $1 of your Wearables purchase goes to one of our water-conscious nonprofit partners that are working to heal our oceans, waterways and water supplies.

Give a buck. On us. It feels pretty good.