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How do I open my LifeProof case?

Last Updated: 10/26/2012 3:28 pm

You must open the case carefully according to these instructions. The LifeProof case has very precise latches and is not designed to be opened up frequently.

  • Open the charge port door. You will notice a little slot to the left of the charge port opening to help you open it.
  • Flip the case over so it is face down with the top of the phone facing toward you and the bottom facing away from you.
  • Place a coin into the slot and carefully start separating the front and back.
  • Slide your fingers into the bottom area of the case just inside where the charge port door opens and also pop open the other side of the latch opening.
  • Starting from the bottom, pull the back of the case gently away from the front of the case. Do not peel back  the case and bend it as this will damage it but support it with hand and see-saw it from side to side.


Do not peel the back open at a steep angle without using your hand to support the case and keep it straight. Do not peel it off like a banana peel; this will damage the case.

  • While applying gentle pressure to insert your fingers and palm deeper into the back of the case between the iPhone and the case back, keep the back of the case straight and slightly rock (rotate) your wrist back and forth while gently lifting the case back. The wrist rocking back and forth motion with release the latches on each side in succession.
  • Ensure you start at the bottom and peel both sides off evenly leaving the top of the case until last. It helps to get your finger on the inside of the back to help support it so it does not bend the sides
  • The very last step is to peel the top away from the case at a diagonal gentle angle.