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LifeProof 傳奇

LifeProof 護套適合每一天、每一處使用,具有各種功能。它針對日常危險提供俐落、精緻、便利且不突兀的保護,無論你身在何處皆能隨身攜帶 iPhone。

空口無憑... 以下是一些對 LifeProof 感到滿意的使用者見證。

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    Swimming Inncident

    Well. Every single year my family and I go to Hampton Beach New Hampshire. It was our second day there and we went to the beach. I was wearing some Nike athletic shorts and a bathing suit top, my phone which did indeed have a LifeProof case on it was in my pocket. I decided to go swimming deeper out in the water so I just ran to the water forgetting to take my phone out of my pocket. I went swimming out deep so my shorts were completly covered up with water. I swam for about an hour with the water above my waist. I got cold so I swam back to shore and got out which is when i felt weight in my pocket. I figured this was just sand or something but when I reached in I was beyond shocked! I pulled out my four day old iPhone 4. I was freaking out if i told my mom it was ruined I would have been grounded for life!!! I tried to turn it on while praying at the same time and to my suprise it turned on as if nothing had ever happened to it. The phone was completly dry and the case was fine to! Thanks to the LifeProof case I was not grounded and still almost one year later still have that same iPhone 4. Thank you so much <3 

    -Cheyanne D.