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LifeProof 傳奇

LifeProof 護套適合每一天、每一處使用,具有各種功能。它針對日常危險提供俐落、精緻、便利且不突兀的保護,無論你身在何處皆能隨身攜帶 iPhone。

空口無憑... 以下是一些對 LifeProof 感到滿意的使用者見證。

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    sick proof

    My son is 3 1/2 and has flown numerous times since he was 2 months old and has never had an issue.  Last week we flew up to NY and just as we were coming in for a landing, my son said "I'm doing something funny", then proceeded to throw up all over himself, me, and my phone, before we could even interpret, let alone react to what he had said. After cleaning him off and wiping what I could off of the phone, I took the phone to the plane restroom, and thoroughly washed it off with soap and water.  Thanks to lifeproof, my phone is clean, does not smell, and best of all still works perfectly.  To me, this is the true "lifeproof" experience because it can handle pretty much anything life throws our way.  Thank you!!!! -Adam M.