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LifeProof 傳奇

LifeProof 護套適合每一天、每一處使用,具有各種功能。它針對日常危險提供俐落、精緻、便利且不突兀的保護,無論你身在何處皆能隨身攜帶 iPhone。

空口無憑... 以下是一些對 LifeProof 感到滿意的使用者見證。

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    Oops at the Beach

    We were at the beach and I was out in the surf with my boys sliding them on their boogie boards. I had been in the water above my waist for nearly an hour when my hand bumped my leg and I realized I had left my phone in my pocket. I got that sick feeling in my stomach knowing that my iPhone was ruined so I walked out of the water and up to the beach chairs where my wife was and reached in my pocket and showed her my phone. Unbelievable to both of us it was still working with no problems at all!  No way my old case would have survived that test.  I am so glad I chose LifeProof!

    ~Scotty Brand