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LifeProof 傳奇

LifeProof 護套適合每一天、每一處使用,具有各種功能。它針對日常危險提供俐落、精緻、便利且不突兀的保護,無論你身在何處皆能隨身攜帶 iPhone。

空口無憑... 以下是一些對 LifeProof 感到滿意的使用者見證。

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    My phone now takes baths too!

    I use my LifeProof for ease of mind. This is my second iPhone 5. The first one went through a wash cycle so it broke beyond repair. With my LifeProof case I don't need to worry about mistakes like that. Also, this helps expand my photography into elements such as water and snow in which a phone without a LifeProof can't do.

    -Sheila L.