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LifeProof 傳奇

LifeProof 護套適合每一天、每一處使用,具有各種功能。它針對日常危險提供俐落、精緻、便利且不突兀的保護,無論你身在何處皆能隨身攜帶 iPhone。

空口無憑... 以下是一些對 LifeProof 感到滿意的使用者見證。

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    LifeProof’s Protection Didn’t Stop When Things Got Hot

    picture of my phone after coming out of a house fire

    My family and I recently lost our home to an electrical fire. While running out of the house I dropped my cell phone. From the looks of the fire I was sure my phone was gone for good. Once the fire was out, a firefighter brought out my phone and let me know that I had a text message and two missed calls. My case has a terrible smell and it looks a little rough, but it did the job and kept my phone safe. Thanks to LIFEPROOF my my phone was not one of the many things lost in the fire that night. Thank you, LIFEPROOF!

    ~Ashley Hobbs