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Beyond the Classroom: Total Back to School Freedom with LifeProof Cases

Waterproof Protective Cases for Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Apple iPod Touch and Samsung Galaxy S III

SAN DIEGO - August 12, 2013 — As the school year quickly approaches, the task of back to school shopping falls to parents everywhere. In today’s technology-ruled world, shopping lists no longer center on a new set of colored pencils: smartphones and tablets are the new necessity for back to school, causing parents to think about ways to protect their investment.

Kids are permanently attached to their electronics - but far too many have experienced that heart- sinking moment when their device falls into the toilet between classes, gets caught up in a soda spill over lunch, or is dropped down the stairs during a mad dash to football practice. With so many devices lost to split second accidents, it’s a good idea to protect them from the unexpected: drinks, food, dirt and drops.

With LifeProof® cases for both Apple® and Android®, parents can feel confident sending their student back to school with the latest and greatest smartphone or tablet, knowing that their investment is safe in the classroom, on campus and everywhere in between. Note: LifeProof cases do not provide protection against middle school heartbreaks, teenage emotional outbursts or college headaches.  

Not only do LifeProof cases provide ultimate protection from cafeteria tray disasters and pep rally catastrophes, but do so in style with cases both parents and kids can agree on. Three-time winner of the Parent Tested Parent Approved® (PTPA) Seal of Approval Award, LifeProof offers colors and styles to suit even the fussiest fashionista.

Let kids be kids this school year and experience total freedom, knowing they are only a call or text away with a LifeProof encased tablet or smartphone.  With the following array of models and manufacturer’s retail prices, you are sure to find just the right case for you and your student:

LifeProof for iPhone 4/4S: $79.99
LifeProof nüüd for iPhone 5: $89.99
LifeProof frē for iPhone 5: $79.99
LifeProof nüüd for iPad 2 and iPad with Retina Display: $129.99
LifeProof frē for iPad mini: $99.99
LifeProof for iPod Touch Gen 4: $69.99
LifeProof for iPod Touch Gen 5: $49.99
LifeProof nüüd for Samsung Galaxy S III: $89.99
LifeProof frē for Samsung Galaxy S III: $79.99
LifeProof products can be purchased at Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile locations nationwide or at  

Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, and Apple iPod Touch are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.
Samsung and Galaxy S III are trademarks of SAMSUNG in the United States or other countries.

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LifeProof’s company mantra is Freedom; LifeProof designs, manufactures and markets an entirely new category of products designed to give people more freedom from environmental constraints. Based in San Diego, LifeProof offers elegant and protective cases for Smartphones and Tablet PCs that enable full functionality and interactivity under any condition encountered in daily life. The registered brand name ‘LifeProof’ is inspired by the protection and fully functional convenient operation of the device in water, mud, dirt, or snow. For more information, visit