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Jobs that a LifeProof Case can Help You Perform

Date: Mar 09, 2013

A Hardhat Protects Your Hard Drive, What About Your iPhone’s?

iPhones and iPads are proving their value on the job every day. From doctors to drillers, new apps are coming out all the time that improve productivity and make getting the job done easier. Here are just some of the jobs and careers where a LifeProof case will come in extremely handy.

Construction: Since day one, there have been apps for the iPhone that construction professionals love. We've all seen the digital level, but that was just the beginning. Today there are project-estimating apps and other programs that make complicated construction jobs easier and faster. And, whenever you're working in an environment with hammers and sawdust, the shockproof and dust proof protection you get with a LifeProof iPhone case is indispensable.

Marine Biologist: Working on research vessels, conducting studies in a lab full of saltwater aquariums or tromping around tide pools, marine biologists have many uses for their iPhones and iPads. Shooting high-quality video and photos when a new species is discovered and uploading it to the research center is a great use for an iPhone. But, without the protection of a LifeProof case, these environments are just too risky for an expensive iPhone or iPad. Commercial fishermen also appreciate the security LifeProof cases deliver.

Arborist: Working outdoors in all weather conditions, not to mention climbing up and down trees, arborists love the water proof, dirt proof and shock proof protection of LifeProof cases. Their iPhones stay safe, and they can contact clients and make calls even when working out in the rain and up a tree. The same levels of protection are perfect for loggers and landscapers, too.

Hollywood directors: Anyone in the film, television, news or advertising industries who has to capture footage outdoors benefits from owning a LifeProof case. Sometimes you need to battle wet weather to get the perfect shot. And, if you're working for The Weather Channel and assigned to cover hurricane or tornado season, need we say more?

This is just a sample of the kinds of jobs for which a LifeProof case is ideal. Here's the nine-to-five breakdown:

• Many jobs require exposure to dirt, dust, water or wet weather
• Many jobs are physically demanding
• LifeProof cases are dust proof, water proof and shock proof
• A LifeProof case will handle tough work conditions just like you do