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Camping With an iPad

Date: Mar 12, 2013

If an IPad Fell in the Woods, Would it Break?

The first computers took up entire rooms. Today, computing power’s come along way from the constraints of four walls and a ceiling. With the proper protection and the extreme portability afforded by devices like the iPhone and iPad, users have unbounded technology with them no matter where they venture. You can even take your iPad camping with you.

Without a solid roof over your head you want to make sure your gear is protected from the elements. A LifeProof shockproof and waterproof iPad case is just what the doctor ordered. The same is true for the iPhone.

Usually, the best places and times for camping are the same times and places where there's a high likelihood of running into wet weather. Whether it’s a snowstorm in the Sierras or a rainstorm in the Everglades, getting soaked is just part of the adventure. But, waterlogged iPhone or iPad can put a real damper on the action. With a waterproof case though, wet weather is no problem. You’re free to take your iPad camping and use it even in the pouring rain.

When you're fording a creek, you don't need to worry about your devices if you have the protection that's built into the LifeProof lineup of iPhone and iPad cases. With IP-68 water and dust protection you know your gear will be safe. And, if you're a desert rock hound, that dust protection will serve you well when the afternoon wind decides to kick up the sand.

Further, with Military Standard 810F-516 shock protection, if you slip and fall on your fanny pack, your ego might take a bruising, but your LifeProof protected iPhone or iPad is going to be okay. All of this is great news, because when you check out publications like Backpacker magazine, you see more and more great camping apps. Imagine firing up a planetarium app on your iPad and checking out the constellations when you're out camping miles away from the city lights.

Pack up and hit the trail:

• When you're camping the likelihood of an aquatic encounter is high
• When you're camping things can get a little rough and tumble
• LifeProof iPad and iPhone cases protect against water and shock
• With LifeProof cases you can safely enjoy your devices and a wide range of camping apps