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Protection. On purpose.

What’s worse? A smartphone you can’t use because it’s unprotected? Or a smartphone you can’t use because it is protected? At LifeProof, protection never comes at the cost of usability, or vice-versa. nüüd protects your iPhone 5s from dunks, drops and day-to-day dangers while providing full access to the touchscreen, Touch ID and every feature, function and control.

Protection. On purpose.


Designed for freedom

Imagined. Considered. Crafted.

Function: Complete access to Touch ID and every function, button and port

nüüd: Screenless design lets you touch the actual touchscreen

Design: The thinnest, lightest, toughest, all-protective case ever made

Profile: Slim, sleek profile follows iPhone’s precision lines

Sound: Dynamic speaker ports deliver maximum sound output and clarity

Materials: Cutting-edge materials deliver optimal protection, durability, functionality and style

The Four Proofs: Waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof and shatterproof

Optics: CrystalClear optical-glass lens for distortion-free photography

Style: Clear case back showcases the brilliant Apple design

Technology: Designed with the most advanced protection technology available

Jack: iPhone 5s stays waterproof even when using headphones

LifeProof Quality - Every Case Water Tested
Every Single Case Water Tested

To give you the confidence to use your iPhone 5s everyday, everywhere for everything, we water test every case we make. Then, they go to an independent group for more testing, including a second water test on randomly selected cases. Only cases that pass are shipped. At LifeProof, we use our cases everyday for everything, and if we trust ‘em, you can too!