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SPIBelt Endurance Series

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SPIBelt Endurance Series

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In the beginning, all a runner needed to run was a reason – like chasing or getting chased as food. As the sport grew, so did the needs, but a pair of waffle-soled Nikes and a banana did the job. But modern runners have modern needs: keys, cash, gels, phones, etc. And, since pack mules are slow, what’s a gear-saddled runner to do? Easy, run with the SPIbelt Endurance Series running belt.

Designed by runners for runners, the SPIbelt features a large neoprene pocket. It holds keys, cash, cards, phones, mp3 players and energy gels. Thanks to the wide, adjustable-elastic waistband, it doesn’t move, bounce or flop around. The waistband also boasts six gel holsters for quick-on-the-draw energy boosts.

The SPIbelt Endurance Series belt is tough enough to handle any training regimen. And come race day, it’s light enough to bring along and the built-in toggles let your race bib fly! What’s more, the SPIbelt Endurance features reflective trim for increased visibility.

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