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Serfas USL-TL60 "The Shield" USB Taillight

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Serfas USL-TL60 "The Shield" USB Taillight

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Like bread needs butter, your bicycle headlight needs a taillight to complete your night-riding safety package. So, get the yin to your headlight’s yang and light up your rear end with the Serfas USL-TL60 The Shield USB Taillight.

Powered by a single, Promethean-grade LED bulb, this bicycle taillight is visible from over one mile away. And, with the ability to blast 60 lumens for over two hours, it’s the brightest, longest burning tail lamp in its class. Once it finally does go dim, the smart USB charger stokes it back to life in about 3 hours.

This lightweight, compact taillight weighs only 73.5g, so even night-riding weight weenies won’t notice it’s there. Serfas includes the light, mounting bracket, backpack/rack adaptor and a smart USB Charger. Even better, they back your Serfas USL-TL60 The Shield USB Taillight with a Lifetime Warranty.