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iPhone 4/4s Case - Armband & Swimband

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iPhone 4/4s Case - Armband & Swimband

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Strap your LifeProof iPhone case to your arm and head out into the elements with the LifeProof iPhone Armband. Whether you’re hitting the slopes, the surf or a dusty trail, your fitness apps, favorite tunes and important calls are at your fingertips.

Supple breathable spandex, non-slip silicone dots and light weight (2.1 ounces) create an ultra-comfortable fit. The 65mm-wide Velcro-adjustable band fits snuggly around arms ranging from a sinewy 10” up to those 23” big guns. Plus, retroreflective markings make you more visible during night training.

Just like your LifeProof iPhone case, the LifeProof iPhone Armband is ready for action and built to withstand seawater, dirt, snow and high vibration environments. What’s more, the LifeProof iPhone Armband keeps all buttons and features of your iPhone accessible - even the speaker and microphone.

When you want to take your iPhone along for all the fun, be sure to do it with the ultimate workout companion – the LifeProof iPhone Armband.

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Great redesign..

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  • Durability
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Finally a design improvement which provides an enhancement we all need. This is my third go round with this accessory. Yes, I keep coming back for more, because I truly do outlast the device. It has been exhausted twice servicing my running, skiing, snowshoeing, walking, swimming, cycling and kayaking adventures. This time I am happily surprised when I opened the package. The new fresh design has improved on several of it's previous weaknesses. First and foremost, the devices straps are now adjustable so it may be attached to the most delicate of wrists or more extreme muscles like your thigh. Yes folks, as you make progress in your fitness endeavors this will adjust larger or smaller, depending on your goal. The adjustment process is not difficult or tedious and lends to a much more versatile accessory. Second, the vulcanization method of attaching the straps to the metal sliders have been removed and is now integrated into the new adjustable straps. This looks to be a more durable arrangement. Only time will tell, but as always I enjoy putting it to the test. Enjoy your weekend and the brilliant sun. Spring has finally arrived.

Posted on 4/17/15

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