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iPhone 5/5s Case - Armband - frē and nüüd

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iPhone 5/5s Case - Armband - frē and nüüd

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Strap your LifeProof iPhone 5/5s case (not compatible with iPhone 5c) to your arm with the LifeProof Armband. Designed to keep your iPhone at hand, the Armband lets you hit the road, pool, gym, surf, slopes, courts, track or trail. That way, your GPS, camera, performance trackers, training apps, music, phone and texts are always within reach.

Crafted from supple, breathable spandex and thick padding, this iPhone 5/5s armband stays comfy cozy for the long haul. The 65mm-wide strap and non-slip silicone dots keep everything stable and add to the comfort. And, the Velcro strap adjusts to fit biceps between 10” to 23”, so whether you’re rocking pipe cleaners or pythons, it’s a sure fit.

The cradle features a one-handed release latch for fast iPhone loading and unloading. And, the integrated lock switch keeps your device secure. Plus, you have complete access to all buttons, controls, camera, speaker and microphone. Best yet, the entire assembly weighs a scant 2.1 oz – so it never slows you down.


  • Fits all LifeProof iPhone 5/5s (does not fit iPhone 5c cases)
  • Perfect for running, swimming, walking, lifting, training and living with your iPhone in tow
  • Robust padding protects your skin and stays cozy during the workout
  • Non-slip silicone dots keep your iPhone armband in place for the long haul
  • Smooth, waterproof spandex material is perforated for exceptional breathability
  • Adjusts to fit biceps measuring between 10” and 23”
  • Wide, 65mm strap keeps your iPhone 5/5s super stable
  • Reflective markings make you more visible when training after dark
  • Cradle is crafted from nylon honeycomb for maximum strength and minimal weight
  • One-handed release latch for fast iPhone 5/5s insertion and removal
  • Integrated lock switch secures iPhone 5/5s in cradle
  • Colored indicators let you see lock status (locked/unlocked) at a glance
  • Mount your iPhone 5/5s into the cradle facing in or out
  • Compatible with Bluetooth headsets
  • Tips the scales at a mere 2.1 oz
  • Your LifeProof Armband is backed by a 1-year warranty


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  • Editorial:


LifeProof Products are covered by a 1-year Limited Warranty from the original date of purchase. Product warranty only covers the LifeProof Product — it does not cover any non-LifeProof product or device. See Policies and Warranties page for specific details and information regarding the Limited Warranty.

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Customer Reviews

It just works...

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I've run a couple hundred miles (not all at once!) with this armband and have been very happy with it. This is not my first armband -- I've used many others on hundreds of miles of runs and I'll tell you that all of them have their drawbacks. So far, this one is the best I've found.

A few notes:

1) The strap that comes with this thing is big enough to wrap around my thighs... both of them... while I'm wearing a wetsuit. You'll likely want to trim it up before heading out.

2) The locking mechanism can be difficult to engage. That said, it is very easy to get the phone into and out of the armband using the simple clip, but the mechanism that actually locks the phone in place can be a challenge to engage. Once engaged, I'm pretty sure there is not much short of a screwdriver or crowbar that will disengage the phone from the armband. I have found that most of my road runs do not require much more than the basic clipping. However, when I run on trails, I will take the extra time to engage the lock.

3) As others have mentioned, it is a bit bulky. I've gotten accustomed to the bulk and have chalked it up to the extra protection that I get both from the case and the armband itself.

Posted on 10/28/13

  • Purchasing my 2nd in less than 6 months, but...I still love it enough to buy it again

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    The design is really bulky. It's heavier than your standard armband, and while running it needs to be adjusted a few times because it can cause a little pinching. So at first, I was still switching out my iPhone5 into a regular armband when I would run. However, after some time, as I got used to it, I started to prefer this one. I love how I can just clip the phone in and out when I want to to view the screen, rather than having to stop, and lean over looking down at my arm when I wanted to answer a text or change a song during a workout. I used it A LOT. I run in the rain, and I do circuit training outdoors in the Florida humidity, so it definitely took a beating. The material started looking a bit weathered, but the band itself never lost its adhesive. The reason I'm having to purchase a new one is the top piece where the phone clicks in, doesn't hold the phone in place anymore. For a few workouts I even used duct tape, but that took away from the convenience of being able to click it in and out when I wanted to. I rave to everyone about my LifeProof case, and I will continue to rave about their products. I'm sure for your average Joe, this product would've held up a little better, but I'm not your average Joe. :)

    Posted on 9/4/13

  • not perfect but still pretty awesome

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    I purchased the Lifeproof Arm Band after I realized there was really nothing out there that would house an iPhone 5 with Lifeproof case and still be able to use the touch screen effectively.

    This holds my iPhone 5 in place securely and accessably. The fastening device that keeps the band together seems kinda fimsy and it fell apart once while running. It also tends to pinch and become uncomfortable in the buckle area and at times and I do need to adjust.

    All in all it is about the best thing in town for being active with the iPhone 5

    Posted on 7/31/13

  • Best Armband ever had!!

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    I always use this Armband with my LifeProof phone case and it really works great for me. I use this for surfing, windsurfing and swimming too, and the strap does not make you uncomfortable on your arm because its not thick as other armbands I have been through. But the material of the soft pad which touches the arm need to be changed to a sticky material which grips more on the skin (like the silicon dots on the strap or something better which sticks better on skin) even in extreme conditions. Sometimes my phone keeps hanging down on the back of biceps after a wipeout in surfing (I'm not talking about 8 or 10 foot wave) small waves. So I always have to pull it on the side of the arm.
    The strap looks cool with velcro on both edge but would be great if its made stronger than now so that it doesn't open after pressure it gets in the water.
    The LifeProof Armband is great and I'm loving it. I just want a small change in this I mentioned above. I recommend this Armband to all the sports lovers and of course for the people with iPhone ;)

    Posted on 5/18/13

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