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Serfas TSL-500+ Headlight

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Serfas TSL-500+ Headlight

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Riding at night. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, sometimes it’s for fun. But either way, nothing casts a shadow on your night-riding adventures like a dim bulb. So, swap the dim for some dazzle with the Serfas TSL-500+ Headlight.

Once charged, your TSL-500+ blasts off with 500 LED-powered lumens—keeping hidden hazards in the spotlight and night-blind motorists in check. With 4 light modes ranging from overdrive to flash, you choose how much you want to see and be seen.

Mounting to your handlebars or helmet, the Serfas bike light boasts a quick-release mechanism, so you can use it as a flashlight, too. And believe it or not, this little piece of the sun weighs in at a mere 150g.

Powered by a single lithium-ion battery, your Serfas LED bike light recharges fast and easy via USB. And, it delivers up to 11 hours of light on low, giving you enough time to ride till the sun comes up. And best yet, Serfas backs your TSL-500+ Headlight with a Lifetime Warranty.