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SPIbelt - Small Personal Item Belt

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SPIbelt - Small Personal Item Belt

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There’s nothing like the freedom of training on the open road, but where do you keep cash, credit cards, keys or your phone? Enter the SPIbelt™ or Small Personal Item belt.

This isn’t your granny’s fanny pack. The ninja-like SPIbelt™ is designed with special ops lines and is ideal for performance athletes, military elite and weekend warriors alike.

The covert waist bag boasts an expandable Nylon/Spandex blended that stays small and out of the way when not deployed. When called to duty, the pocket can expand to an accommodating 6.5”x3”x4.5” ready for keys, IDs, secret documents, even your phone or MP3 player. The quick-access zipper lets you get in and out while prying eyes are none the wiser. The quick-release buckle means your SPIbelt™ goes on and off faster than an Olympic sprinter. And, the adjustable waistband easily offers 24” to 50” of leeway.

What’s more, your SPIbelt™ Small Personal Item Belt is backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Best yet, the SPIbelt™ is made in Austin, TX, so it has to be cool.

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