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Serfas TSL-1500+ USB Headlight

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Serfas TSL-1500+ USB Headlight

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Once the sun’s gone down, no amount of peddle power’s gonna bring it back before dawn. So, instead of fighting the forces of nature, take matters into your own hands with the Serfas TSL-1500+ Headlight. Not since Prometheus stole fire from Olympus has humankind been gifted with such colossal candlepower!

Fired by a triad of air-cooled LEDs, the TSL-1500+ packs more flash than Jumpin’ Jack himself. Just flip the switch to drench the darkness with up to 1500 lightning-hot lumens—enough light to make motorists move aside and trail-squatting wildlife run for cover. And with four brightness levels, you decide how much, or how little light to shed.

The Serfas 1500+ bike light is powered by a remote-mounted Li-Ion fuel-cell battery. Mounted to your handlebars or helmet, the light connects to the remote-mounted battery via a 3’ cable—so you can strap it to your steed or stow it in your backpack.

Serfas knows that weight matters, so they packaged this great gift from the sun gods to tip the scales at a “light” weight 480g. They also know that value matters, which is why they back your TSL-1500+ Headlight with a Lifetime Warranty.

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