iPad mini Case - nüüd

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iPad mini Case - nüüd

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Get nüüd and maximize your mini everywhere, everyday for everything! nüüd for iPad mini is built with everything LifeProof knows about mobile device protection and usability — creating the thinnest, lightest, most functional all-protective case ever conceived for iPad mini.

Featuring LifeProof’s nüüd screenless technology — the first of its kind — nüüd protects iPad mini from plunges and fumbles while keeping the screen open for direct touch. That’s right, you can touch the touchscreen — because touchscreen should be touched!

Working seamlessly with your mini, nüüd gives you full access to every feature and function, while defending it from dunks, drops and day-to-day dangers. And, the barely-there design is so slim and sleek, you won’t notice it’s there, until you’re glad it is.