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Biking With an iPhone

Date: Mar 06, 2013

The Legal Way to Enhance Your Performance!

Many of our cycling heroes have fallen from grace by trying to improve their performance using all the wrong methods. But, with the LifeProof bike mount you can have your iPhone safely on your handlebars and keep the perfect tracking and workout apps right where you need them.

With a LifeProof bike and bar mount and a quality LifeProof case, you can tackle any bike activity and keep your iPhone within easy reach. Whether you're a road warrior or a trail rider, our rugged bike mount gets the job done. LifeProof designers have worked their pencils to a nub coming up with the ideal bike mount for iPhone users who demand the highest levels of performance from their gear.

Serious riders probably remember when bike computers first came on the market. They revolutionized the sport. But today's iPhone apps are to that technology, what the latest version of Skyrim is to Atari's original Pong.

And, even for recreational riders who couldn't care less about using a bike computer or workout app to push them to their maximum sustained heart rate, having an iPhone where it's easy and safe to get to is a major benefit. Cyclists can listen to their favorite tunes, take calls, follow directions, check the map, record their route and record the action on their camera.

Because they're from LifeProof, our bike mounts are designed to work perfectly with our iPhone cases. That gives you several layers of added protection that you'll definitely want when you're out on your bicycle with your iPhone. Speaking from experience, most falls happen while waiting for a stoplight to change or an intersection to clear. Our bike mount and the shockproof protection you get with our case give your expensive phone the exact defense it needs.

And, if you're planning to make a viral video riding your bike into a lake, you need waterproof protection. LifeProof cases deliver it.

While we're on the subject of water, we need to mention that LifeProof bike mounts work with anything that has handlebars – jet skis, motorcycles, shopping carts, strollers and gym equipment.

So, to put it all together:

  • The LifeProof bike and bar mount works with your iPhone case
  • The mounting system holds your phone securely and keeps it handy
  • The system can be used with anything that has a bar to attach it to
  • You can run all kinds of apps while using the bike and bar mount
  • Your LifeProof case protects your iPhone while it's held in the mount