LifeProof for
iPad mini with Retina display
and iPad mini

The Proof is in the Protection

A sleek profile, optical-glass lens, enhanced speaker ports, full function, LifeProof’s legendary four-proof protection and your choice of frē or nüüd technologies. It’s everything you expect from LifeProof and more — made for iPad mini with Retina display and classic iPad mini.

LifeProof for iPad mini

frē or nüüd

frē or nüüd

To screen or not to screen

Everyone agrees that iPad mini’s vivid Retina display is brilliant. Some want to protect the brilliance — others want to touch it. So, we made a case for both. frē protects the brilliance with a built-in scratch protector. nüüd opens it to direct touch. Both keep mini completely waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof and shockproof.


Small size.
Big features.

A case worthy of iPad mini.

At 16 mm thin and 130 grams light, LifeProof for iPad mini really is mini. It barely adds to the weight and profile of your tablet, yet adds a level of protection, functionality and beauty not found in any other waterproof iPad mini with Retina display case available.

Small size. Big features.
The Sights. The Sounds.

The Sights.
The Sounds.

See and hear — loud and clear.

iPad mini with Retina display features highly advanced cameras and speakers. So, our cases bring out their best. CrystalClear lenses employ anti-reflective optical glass. Dynamic speakers pump the full sound spectrum. And the easy-access headphone jack lets you rock & roll without rocking the boat.



Your iPad’s protected, connected and in the loop.

With LifeProof, mini is no longer confined to the living room. It can handle the spills, splashes, dunks, drops, fumbles and flops that come with life’s adventures — and misadventures. LifeProof eliminates the worry, so you can live and share the action at hand.

Everyday. Everywhere. Everything.
LifeProof Quality - Every Case Water Tested
Every Single Case Water Tested

To give you the confidence to use your iPad mini everyday, everywhere for everything, we water test every case we make. Then, they go to an independent group for more testing, including a second water test on randomly selected cases. Only cases that pass are shipped. At LifeProof, we use our cases everyday for everything, and if we trust ‘em, you can too!