LifeProof nüüdfor Galaxy S3 Case

Out-of-this-world mobility

Your Galaxy S3 case is equipped with out-of-this-world technology — nüüd equips it for out-of-this-world mobility. Featuring the most advanced case design ever conceived, nüüd takes smartphone protection and usability to new levels.

Like all LifeProof cases, the nüüd Galaxy S3 Case protects from the plunges and fumbles of daily life. Then, it launches usability through the stratosphere by removing the screen cover. That’s right — four-proof protection with no need for a screen cover.

Water Proof, Dirt Proof, Snow Proof and Shock Proof


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LifeProof nüüd

nüüd screenless technology forms a waterproof seal around the edge of the Galaxy S III touchscreen, while keeping it open to direct touch. That way, you can touch the actual touchscreen — because touchscreens are meant to be touched!



nüüd screenless technology, sleek design, enhanced sound, CrystalClear optics and full access to every function and control. nüüd is the only case that actually expands your Galaxy!



Galaxy S III melds seamlessly with the nüüd case. It highlights Galaxy’s smooth curves while giving you complete and easy access to the headphone jack, buttons, ports, controls, and most importantly — the touchscreen.

Four Proofs

Four Proofs

Water Proof, Dirt Proof, Snow Proof and Shock Proof. With LifeProof, nüüd sets you free to use your Galaxy S III everyday, everywhere for everything.

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Tech Specs

nüüd is the thinnest, lightest, most functional all-protective Galaxy S III case ever created. It’s tested to meet stringent specifications — and to exceed your expectations.

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LifeProof Quality - Every Case Water Tested
Every Single Case Water Tested

To give you the confidence to use your Galaxy S III everyday, everywhere for everything, we water test every case we make. Then, they go to an independent group for more testing, including a second water test on randomly selected cases. Only cases that pass are shipped. At LifeProof, we use our cases everyday for everything, and if we trust ‘em, you can too!