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LifeProof의 전설

LifeProof 케이스는 언제, 어디서든, 무엇과도 함께합니다. 일상의 위험으로부터 날렵하고 정교하게, 편리하고 깔끔한 보호막의 역할을 해 어디를 가든 iPhone과 함께 해도 좋습니다.

그러려니 그냥 흘려 듣지 마세요. LifeProof 사용자가 들려주는 수많은 이야기를 들어보십시오.

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    My phone now takes baths too!

    I use my LifeProof for ease of mind. This is my second iPhone 5. The first one went through a wash cycle so it broke beyond repair. With my LifeProof case I don't need to worry about mistakes like that. Also, this helps expand my photography into elements such as water and snow in which a phone without a LifeProof can't do.

    -Sheila L.