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LifeProof 케이스는 언제, 어디서든, 무엇과도 함께합니다. 일상의 위험으로부터 날렵하고 정교하게, 편리하고 깔끔한 보호막의 역할을 해 어디를 가든 iPhone과 함께 해도 좋습니다.

그러려니 그냥 흘려 듣지 마세요. LifeProof 사용자가 들려주는 수많은 이야기를 들어보십시오.

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    LifeProof allows me to work on the water!

    As an avid sport's enthusiast, tech junkie, father of two rambunctious boys, and a lover of quality products, LifeProof has allowed me to turn my phone into a memory collector; everything from capturing surf sessions with my brothers to making bath time more fun. My dad was even able to conduct business from his kayak while sitting off the coast of Santa Cruz island.  The quality and convenience of the LifeProof products have enhanced my quality of life and take the use of my iPhone to a whole new level.

    -Josh S.