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LifeProof 케이스는 언제, 어디서든, 무엇과도 함께합니다. 일상의 위험으로부터 날렵하고 정교하게, 편리하고 깔끔한 보호막의 역할을 해 어디를 가든 iPhone과 함께 해도 좋습니다.

그러려니 그냥 흘려 듣지 마세요. LifeProof 사용자가 들려주는 수많은 이야기를 들어보십시오.

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    Labor day weekend

    I left the phone on the boat trailer as I was hauling to the lake.  It obviously fell of, when I returned to find it, it had been run over at least twice.  The waterproof screen was damaged and torn from the case, the case itself had little damage and it opened fine.  When I took the Iphone out of the case, there was not one scratch on it and it worked perfectly.  Although the case was ruined, it did an amazing job protecting the phone.  I cant believe the phone had no damage.  This will be the only case I ever get for my phone.  I have used this phone to take underwater pictures, and I also work a lot of outdoor sports, so the phone is constantly protected.  Thank you for an amazing product.  Even though I have to buy a new case, it saved me hundreds of dollars for a new phone.