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LifeProof 케이스는 언제, 어디서든, 무엇과도 함께합니다. 일상의 위험으로부터 날렵하고 정교하게, 편리하고 깔끔한 보호막의 역할을 해 어디를 가든 iPhone과 함께 해도 좋습니다.

그러려니 그냥 흘려 듣지 마세요. LifeProof 사용자가 들려주는 수많은 이야기를 들어보십시오.

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    Fit For Runners and Moms Alike :)

    I am a long distance runner and a mother of two very percocious and technically savvy children. I run on average about 20 miles a week MINIMUM!!! Not only is the LifeProof arm band true to its claim but the case ( purple for me :) ) is truely waterproof / sweatproof. The arm band is very comfortable and the fact that the external clip hold the case makes this system 10times better than the other cases you will find out on the market. I had purchased a pouch like armband that nearly caused severe water damage due to the condensation that was occuring within the POUCH!!!!! Not good....The LifeProof arm band is very easy to clean. I just put mine in with the rest of my running gear and let it air dry over night and PRESTO!!!! Did I forget to mention that I feel 100% confident letting my little monsters play with my phone now because no matter what kind of 'substance' they might have on their hands, it will NEVER get on my phone...just a little water and mild soap on a rag and I'm as good as new. Having an IPhone is an investment and knowing that this product offers the protection I need as per my lifestlye ensures that my investment is well protected. Thank You LifeProof!!!!!!! -Dione S.