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Date: Apr 22, 2013
When it Comes to Bumper Cases, Avoid the School of Hard Knocks.

It's possible that the sole bump a bumper case can survive is the "bump" that's in its name. Many iPhone users are attracted to these cases because they cover only a very minimal amount of the iPhone. However, that's just half the story: they also only provide a very minimal amount of protection.

Test after test has revealed that when it comes to iPhone protection, bumper cases are woefully inadequate.

We love YouTube because there are guys willing to do all the stupid things we'd like to try but can't afford to do. And, for some reason they like to take videos of themselves while they are performing these ill-advised activities. Among these online videos of you’ll find bumper case tests that demonstrate what happens to a dropped iPhone. The results are not encouraging for anyone heading down to the mall kiosk to pickup up an iPhone bumper case.

Someday you're going to have your own "I dropped my iPhone" story and you definitely want it to have a happy ending. Every user, at some point in time, experiences a dropped iPhone. It's an unpredictable event. The time to get prepared is now.

As we said above, one of the reasons that users try to get iPhone protection from a bumper case is because they appreciate the natural beauty of an iPhone. But if you take a moment to browse LifeProof cases, you'll see that they are very sharp looking. We even build our cases to showcase elements of Apple's gorgeous design.

For example, the LifeProof frē for iPhone 5 has a transparent rear window that reveals the beauty of Apple's design and frames the company's famous logo, which is imprinted on the back of every device.

We work hard to deliver sleek yet strong cases that give users the look and feel that they want from Apple products. At the same time, we know the problems that occur when iPhones take a plunge in the toilet or get dropped to the pavement. For those occasions, LifeProof cases blend good looks with unparalleled protection. No bumper case even comes close.

Here's the way it plays out:

• The appeal of bumper cases is in their minimal coverage
• Bumper cases also provide minimal protection
• LifeProof cases are engineered to complement the iPhone design
• Our cases deliver good looks and superior protection