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What Happens When I Drop My iPhone in the Toilet?

Date: Mar 06, 2013

To Err is Human, to Drop Your iPhone in the Toilet is Downright Disgusting!

Most people won’t admit it, but everyone’s taken a peek at their iPhone while taking a “break.” And according to recent studies, 9% to 15% actually drop their iPhone in the toilet while doing so. If you’ve experienced the dreaded fumble and splash, this guide will help you figure out what’s next.

So, your iPhone just splashed down, what now? Well first, you go through the Five Stages of iPhone Anguish:

  1. Denial – There is no way I just dropped my iPhone in the toilet.
  2. Anger – I can’t believe this is the thanks I get for multitasking!
  3. Bargaining – Oh please, I'll do anything if it still works, anything.
  4. Depression – I deserve it. Only a fool would watch cat videos on the toilet! 
  5. Acceptance – It's going to be okay. It’s only a phone.

Next, take action. Fish it out, turn it off, wipe it clean and assess your situation. At best it works normally, but probably not. At worst, you just flushed several hundred dollars down the drain.

At this point, you can try to salvage your iPhone with one of those internet remedies: rice, hair dryer, hot car, clothesline, etc. Or, take it to Apple. Of course, they don’t cover water damage, so prepare for the worst. Right away, they’ll check the Liquid Contact Indicators. If they’re red, and they will be, you’re sunk. Time for a new iPhone.

Now, tell your family and friends. How? Admit it? Shift blame? Say it slipped? Rule of thumb – never admit it! The only thing harder than pulling your iPhone from a toilet is repairing your reputation after admitting it! Your friends will forever picture you sitting there with your iPhone, liking and commenting, posting and tweeting. They’ll never look at you or your posts the same.

In short, the best defense is a good offense. Instead of risking internet folklore and warranty denials, protect your iPhone from splashes and spills with a LifeProof Case. Not only can you drop it in the toilet, you can take it swimming, surfing, boating and everywhere else your life takes you.

iPhone in Toilet Action Plan

  1. Fish it out, turn it off
  2. Wipe clean, dry thoroughly
  3. Wash your hands, they were just in the toilet
  4. Attempt one of the internet remedies (not recommended
  5. If your iPhone is dead
      a. Get a new one
      b. Protect it from future flushings with a LifeProof Case
  6. If your iPhone is not dead
      a. Protect it from future flushings with a LifeProof Case