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Date: Apr 22, 2013
Move Seamlessly from Office Pro to Road Warrior.

Being quick and nimble is an advantage in every aspect of life. And those are the attributes the Apple iPad delivers so flawlessly. Is there anything sadder than the image of workers at their desks toiling away at the keyboard of some behemoth tower PC or clunky laptop with their briefcases sitting beside them on the floor? That's so 2011.

Armed with a sleek and lightweight iPad, creative business pros have all the "tools of the trade" with them wherever they are. They can move seamlessly from desk to conference room to commuter train and take care of business every step of the way.

Consider using the iPad in the office by thinking about two major categories that define most tasks in the modern office – communication and creativity.

With apps like Mail, Messages, Contacts, Reminders and Notes, staying organized and on top of your business communication has never been easier. A few gestures and a little keyboard or voice recognition let you successfully keep all the balls you're juggling in the air without breaking a sweat.

There are Apple apps and third party software that give iPad users all the standard "Office" programs they require. And, with iCloud and other cloud computing options, having the latest versions of documents at your fingertips is never an issue.

Using the iPad in the office really gets powerful—and fun—when you start to take advantage of its creative and inspirational potential. Check out the free Evernote app. It allows you to capture ideas, images, sounds, videos, webpages and more and share them with others on your team and between all your computing devices.

There are also fantastic free online "whiteboards" like Scriblink and Scribbler that let you brainstorm with people no matter where they're located. With an iPad and the right apps you can let people see and hear your ideas instead of just trying to explain them. Think of the iPad as a way to turn dull memos into multi-media presentations.

You want to have your iPad with you 24/7. With LifeProof's iPad nüüd naked screen technology nothing gets between you and its remarkable display. In the business setting your ideas will shine with brilliance and clarity while your iPad gets the protection it needs.

Here's the way to look at it:

• The iPad makes office organization and communication super easy
• With an iPad you can amp up workplace creativity
• Always be ready to brainstorm and communicate with your iPad
• Keep your iPad protected from the daily grind (literally) with a LifeProof case