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Listening to iPhone Music While Swimming

Date: Mar 06, 2013

Get in the Water and in the Groove at the Same Time

It's a great thing that our country is becoming more health conscious. You see this phenomena out on the streets every day with more people jogging and walking to help keep themselves fit.

But, the unfortunate truth is that pounding the pavement can be a little like taking a ride on the Home Depot paint department can shaker, especially over the long haul. That's why lots of people have decided to go jump in a lake...or pool. Swimming is great exercise and it treats your joints with gentleness.

Only one problem remains: how to break the tedium of having your head underwater all the time you're working out. The answer is simple: swim while listening to music. You could hum your favorite tune, except that breathing while doing the freestyle makes it hard to hum.

A far better is idea is a waterproof iPhone case. Team the right LifeProof iPhone case up with the proper set of waterproof earphones and adapter, and it's like having the best seat in the concert hall while you're logging laps in the pool. The time starts to pass much more quickly.

Of course, music isn't the only thing you could listen to when you have your phone snugly protected inside a waterproof iPhone case. You can play your favorite Podcasts or even download audio books. When you get yourself engrossed in the latest John Grisham thriller, you'll probably find that you can put in a dozen or so extra laps without even realizing it. And, there are dozens of training and fitness apps that can track your progress.

Lots of people have stuck with jogging and walking because they need the companionship and entertainment that's provided by their iPhones. They've thought it was impossible to bring that high level of entertainment – or distraction – to their workouts if they decided to hit the pool. Fortunately, a waterproof iPhone case solves that problem. You can be kind to your knees, get your cardio on, strengthen your body and listen to your favorite tunes.

Here's the way it breaks down:

  • Running can be very hard on your body
  • Swimming is a great workout and gentle on the body
  • A waterproof iPhone case lets you listen to your tunes while swimming
  • Swimming while listening to music or audios makes the time fly by