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Kids using the iPad

Date: Mar 08, 2013

Be the cool parent and say 'yes'.

Manufacturers have been making electronic devices for kids that are about the size and shape of an iPad since the digitally prehistoric days that saw the introduction of products like "Talk 'n Type" and "See 'n Spell" toys.

With the huge variety of educational apps available today, those early efforts at digital learning devices are now fairly outmoded. Kids using the iPad can accomplish a lot more in a far more efficient and engaging manner. Given this truth, there's really only one answer to the question of should kids use iPads – yes!

We do understand; however, the reluctance of parents when they consider the money they have invested in their devices. Kids can be pretty tough on electronics. And, that's where a dirt proof, shockproof and waterproof iPhone or iPad case begins to demonstrate its real value.

With a LifeProof case, not only can you take your iPad out in the rain, under the ocean, and over rough wilderness trails, it can be used in the harshest environment of them all: the hands of a child.

If you do a little online research, you quickly discover that educators are coming up with great ways to take advantage of iPads and many of these are ideal for use in the home. And, once your device is protected by a LifeProof iPad case, you can know that after your children are done using it, it will be in perfect condition and ready to run your apps.

So, should kids use iPads? The answer is obviously a resounding "yes" but not just because of their educational applications. An iPad probably packs in more entertainment value per square inch than any other invention known to man. Two or three kids in the back seat on a long road trip are a formula for disaster. Two or three kids in the back seat with an iPad can be road trip bliss for the adults up front.

Of course, we know that even with the most well behaved kids, there’s always some good-natured jostling going on in the back seat. You definitely want the shockproof protection of a LifeProof case when you hand your device over to your younger passengers. And, after a stop at the Quickie Mart for a Mega-Gulp, you'll be glad you have a waterproof iPhone or iPad case.

Time for some schooling:

• iPads are excellent educational and entertainment devices for kids
• Kids can be very rough on electronics
• A LifeProof case KidProofs your iPad and lets you relax