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How do I install my iPhone into a LifeProof case?

Last Updated: 10/25/2012 8:30 pm

Clean your iPhone 


  • Your iPhone must be absolutely totally clean before you put it in the case. This is so you don't get ugly 'oily wet looking areas' on your touch screen.
  • Keep out all dust and damaging particles.
  • Make sure you have the clearest possible picture
Insert your iPhone
Place your iPhone into the back cover, face up, and press firmly into back cover.

Close the Case
To close the case and complete installation, follow the steps in "Assemble the LifeProof Case" above.

  • Check the watertight seal
  • Check for fine hairs, dust, crumbs, and lint
  • Remove debris
  • Close the charge port door
  • Screw in the headphone jack cover
  • Press the home button to check your iPhone works