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性能を保証するのは私たちだけではありません... ご満足いただいた大勢のLifeProofユーザーの皆さまからいただいた賞賛をいくつかご紹介しましょう。

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    Snorkeling in Jamaica

    While vacationing in Jamaica, Montego Bay to be exact, I was able to capture all our snorkeling adventures with my iPhone 5s and LifeProof case. I like to bring my phone with me everywhere because I love to take photos and don’t like to lug around a camera. The LifeProof case makes it possible to take my phone everywhere! My friends and I took photos while swimming to the bottom of the ocean (a whopping ten feet down), pretending to be mermaids, pointing at fish, pointing at each other, pointing at the camera, and just enjoying the view from a different perspective.