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What Types of Accessories Does the LifeProof iPad Case Work With?

Date: Mar 08, 2013

Sometimes, it's All About the Add-Ons.

Confession time. A lot of us here have watched Project Runway. Fans of the show know that often accessories can make or break an outfit. In the same way, LifeProof iPad accessories are crucial to how we use and enjoy our devices.

Our goal has always been to create cases that allow you to use your iPad in virtually any conditions. When your activities get you wet, LifeProof water proof protection kicks in. When life gets bumpy, LifeProof shock proof protection takes over. When you decide to get down and dirty, LifeProof dirt proof protection does its thing.

And, to be sure that you can take full advantage of your device through all of those rough conditions, we offer a full lineup of top quality LifeProof iPad accessories. These allow you to take advantage of the technology engineered into your iPad and all the creative apps that are being released every day no matter where you are or what you're doing.

You may know that LifeProof iPad cases are water proof down to two meters. But, maybe you aren't snorkeling. Perhaps you're exploring the shoreline in a tippy canoe. That's when you want the LifeProof Lifejacket. It will keep your iPad afloat and easy to see if it suddenly decides to take a solo swim. And, when it's protected by our vibrant orange Lifejacket, all the features and buttons on your iPad are fully accessible. Even the speakers work great.

The old boy scout motto extols the virtues of always being prepared. Our hand strap and shoulder strap iPad accessory allows you to keep your device handy (pun intended) throughout the day, whether you're coming, going, or just need to free up your hands to take care of business. If anyone has ever told you to ‘get a grip!’ this is the ideal accessory.

Also, you have to love the way the iPad can be used for reading, typing and movie watching—just to name a few applications. The LifeProof cover + stand lets you keep your iPad safely ensconced in its LifeProof case and gives you excellent viewing angle adjustability at the same time.

To sum it up:

• Accessories extend the usefulness and value of your iPad
• LifeProof features a variety of iPad accessories
• The Lifejacket, straps, cover + stand are excellent iPad add-ons