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LifeProof nüüd Technology

Date: Aug 02, 2013

Because touchscreens should be touched.

nüüd screenless technology is the only waterproof, drop-proof device case that works without a screen cover. Employing a system of integrated gaskets and seals, nüüd forms a waterproof seal around the touchscreen’s perimeter. Sealing to the actual touchscreen keeps the case and phone completely waterproof, without the need for a screen cover.


Touchscreen glass is incredibly tough. And like all glass, it’s waterproof. nüüd technology utilizes these properties rather than covering them. Think of it like a car’s windshield. Your device’s touchscreen is sealed to the nüüd case like a windshield seals to the car’s frame. Together, the glass and seal stop water and debris from entering, keeping the inside safe and dry.

What all this really means is that you can touch your device’s actual touchscreen — yes, touch it! And, it’s still backed up by LifeProof’s legendary four-proof protection. This incredible advancement in technology makes LifeProof nüüd the next revolution in smartphone and tablet protection. Unlike any other case design on the market, nüüd is case protection reinvented — brilliance revealed.

The breakdown:
• User can touch iPhone’s actual screen
• iPhone remains completely waterproof and drop proof
• Zero visual interference - eliminates glare, rainbows and Newton rings
• Uninterrupted touch response