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LifeProof for Government Services

Depend on LifeProof, so the public can depend on you

First responders are always on the cutting edge of communication technologies — the public depends on it. So, it’s no surprise that mobile electronics play a critical role in the way agencies communicate, connect, respond and react. LifeProof focuses on keeping their smartphones and tablets protected and connected, letting first responders focus on the response.

LifeProof for Healthcare


Serving those who protect

Tablets and smartphones are always on duty

Hospital + Clinic
Fire Department

Fire fighting ranks as one of the world’s
most demanding occupations. Always
looking to work smarter, departments have
turned to mobile electronics. Firefighters
use smartphones and tablets for navigation
and routing, resource management, incident
command, photos and documentation,
hydrant location, coordinating with
responding units and more.

LifeProof shields your devices from the
dangers of the most dangerous jobs. Water,
dirt and shock proof, LifeProof protects your
mobile assets, so there’s no cause for alarm
when the alarm sounds.

Search & Rescue

Whatever the weather, time or location,
when the call comes, responders react.
And their gear has to react just as fast.
Smartphones and tablets keep
emergency workers connected to other
agencies, in the loop with the ER team
on standby, and one step ahead of the
situation at hand. After all, saving time is
critical to saving lives.

When equipped with LifeProof, tablets
and smartphones are always protected
and at the ready. LifeProof lets rescue
workers focus on the response —
instead of worrying about the device.

Ambulance Services
Law Enforcement

When your office is a squad car on the
move, staying connected is important.
Smartphones give officers instant access
to dispatch, fellow officers and other
agencies. And, with police-specific apps for
language translation, HAZMAT ID, first-aid
instructions, navigation and more,
smartphones are the smart move for the
officer on the move.

LifeProof cases are built to international
and military specifications for drop, shock
and ingress protection. This field-proven
protection is standard equipment for a
growing number of officers and agencies.


Protect and make the most of your organization’s mobile assets.

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The LifeProof Solution

Getting the most from your mobile investment

The Proof is in the Protection

LifeProof keeps your organization’s mobile investment protected,
connected and on the move. Water and drop proof, LifeProof-protected
devices are shielded from the two most prevalent device dangers in the
first-responder environment. LifeProof protects your mobile assets,
while you protect the public.

Four Proofs
Four Proof Protection

When the first response is the only response that matters, timing is crucial. To make sure your mobile devices are up for the challenge, protect them with the Four Proofs from LifeProof. Water proof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof, LifeProof handles the risky business of rapid response.

Beyond Protection

With LifeProof, it’s not just about protection. Our cases are slim, sleek, refined and designed to amplify your smartphone and tablet’s potential. Ergonomic to the touch with complete access to every button, control, feature and function, you won’t notice it’s there — until you’re glad it is!



LifeProof in Action

How agencies are using LifeProof right now


The Truckee Meadows fire department relies on their iPhones in emergency situations every day.

  • They need:
  • to know they can count on their iPhone
  • to focus on the response, not the device
  • a solution that works in any weather or situation

LifeProof Solution

The LifeProof case and belt clip keeps their iPhone protected, connected and at their side.

LifeProof Solution


First responders can care for victims, patients and bystanders without worrying about their iPhone.

  • The case and belt clip:
  • keeps iPhone protected and operational
  • keeps it positioned within reach
  • lets responder focus on the emergency

LifeProof Case Study

LifeProof Heats Up Device Protection for Firefighters

Life Heats Up Device Protection for Firefighters


LifeProof Reviews

What industry voices are saying

I probably dropped the thing 10 times
onto carpet, hard tile, hard wood,
asphalt, and cement…it just keeps iPhoning.

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Now, law enforcement officers,
paramedics, EMTs and fire fighters can
confidently take their iPad with them

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We get into car chases, foot chases,
fights, and occasionally worse…I need
to have my iPhone on me at all times.

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Lifeproof iPhone and iPad cases
are a must-have…

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…the LifeProof case is perfect for
emergency responders. It’s an investment
that will save ruined phones, and also help save lives.

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