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LifeProof for Education

Maximum protection for the work that matters most

The classroom of tomorrow is here today — thanks to tablets and smartphones. Making teaching easier
and learning more exciting, mobile electronics take hands-on knowledge to new levels. And, since students
would rather touch an iPad than crack a book, lessons are fun and effective. LifeProof focuses on keeping
the school’s investment protected and connected, so educators can focus on the educating.

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Teaching. Learning. Unlimited.

Tablets, smartphones and the lessons learned

In Class

Students today are more connected
with technology than any before — they
were born into it — so it’s only natural
that they learn differently, too. Tablets
bring lessons alive with interactive
instruction and multi-touch textbooks,
in a way that makes learning exciting.
And, with thousands of educational apps
just a touch away, kids have the world at
their fingertips.

Built to meet military (and to exceed
student) specifications for drop and spill
protection, LifeProof cases let teachers
focus on kids and teaching — instead of
worrying about devices.

At Home

When students are equipped with tablet
mobility, the classroom is always just a
touch/tap/swipe away. Better yet,
coursework can be submitted
electronically, eliminating dog-eaten
homework and lost assignments. And,
instead of shouldering a heavy backpack
to school and home everyday, kids get a
break from the lugging so they can focus
on the learning.

LifeProof keeps tablets protected from
the biggest device danger of all — kids
on the move. Water, dirt and drop proof,
LifeProof stands up to the adventures
had between home and school.

On Campus

Running a campus is like running a
corporation — only a lot more hectic.
Tablets calm the scholastic storm by
eliminating paperwork, keeping
administrators in the loop with teachers,
staff, students and parents, and
coordinating with third-party vendors, work
crew and provider schedules. So, admins
can spend more time pushing education and
less time pushing paper.

Perfect for the staff on the move, LifeProof
prevents campus calamities. Water, dirt and
shock proof, LifeProof lets admins take their
tablets from the office to the classroom to
the playground and back — without worry.


Protect and make the most of your organization’s mobile assets.

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The LifeProof Solution

Getting the most from your mobile investment

The Proof is in the Protection

LifeProof keeps your schools’ mobile investments protected,
connected and in the classroom. Drop and water proof,
LifeProof-protected devices are safe from the two most prevalent
device dangers in the learning environment. LifeProof protects the
mobile assets, while you teach the most valuable assets.

Four Proofs
Four Proof Protection

When teaching tomorrow’s leaders today, using the most modern
learning tools is crucial. To make sure your mobile devices are up for
the challenge, protect them with the Four Proofs from LifeProof.
Water proof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof, LifeProof is the
smart choice for smart educators.

Beyond Protection

With LifeProof, it’s not just about protection. Our cases are slim,
sleek, refined and designed to amplify your smartphone and tablet’s
potential. Ergonomic to the touch with complete access to every
button, control, feature and function, you won’t notice it’s there —
until you’re glad it is!


LifeProof in Action

How schools are using LifeProof right now


Tierra Bonita Elementary invested in powerful technology, but needed a way to keep that investment protected.

  • young students are less careful with electronics
  • prohibited allowing students to take iPads home
  • teachers felt overly-responsible for iPad safety

LifeProof Solution

LifeProof protects the school’s
investment and allows students
to safely use iPads in class and
at home.

LifeProof Solution


Every student has access to the most powerful learning tools available, and the school’s investment is protected.

  • kids can turn in class assignments electronically
  • homework can be done without a home computer
  • teachers focus on teaching, not protecting iPads