Living Proof

A LifeProof case is for Every-day, Every-where and Every-thing. It provides sleek, refined, convenient and unobtrusive protection against every-day hazards, so you can take your iPhone with you wherever you go.

But don't take our word for it... Here are testimonials from a few of the myriad satisfied LifeProof users.

  • North Shore of Oahu

    Dear Folks at LifeProof,

    My wife and I bought brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 cell phones for our vacation to Hawaii.  We were at Waimea on the North Shore of Oahu and I was taking surf pictures and videos, I fell in the surf and it was torn from my hand.  I jumped up just in time to see it (LifeProof Fre gray/white face-up, so it was easy to see) shoot straight out in the the surf.  My wife and I swam and walked the beach (my wife continued looking for about an hour, notifying other beachgoers to keep an eye out for it)  and eventually had to give up.  I asked the lifeguards if they ever had lost phones turned in and they advised that they had.  When I asked if any were recovered from the water - let's just say they weren't as optimistic.  We cracked jokes about the phone for days and I bought a replacement.  Our group was out for dinner on our last evening in Maui, when I received a text from someone saying they found my phone. I was speechless and thought it might be a joke, so I called and spoke with a guy who was scuba treasure hunting and found it under ten feet of water that day. He said that it still worked and asked when I lost it. He was just as amazed as I was, that it still worked after THREE days in the Pacific Ocean!!! (Insert Shout-Out to LifeProof cases!!!!) He was very kind, and offered to send it back to me priority mail for free! He sent me a picture of it boxed up within minutes and I said I was bummed because I wanted him to take a picture of himself with it - explaining that I will be writing LifeProof to tell the story of my phone, and should I receive my fifteen minutes of fame, I'll be taking him with me. To which he replied, "I had mine!! You can have it!" So, now we had to know....I blew up the picture of the priority box and we Googled "Rush Randle" - Legendary surfer, pioneer in surfing technology, actor, stuntman and all-around awesome guy!  I just received my phone in the mail today and it still works!  You guys make awesome cases, I'm spreading the word and people are ready to buy!  Let me know if you have a better LifeProof story than that!  Thank you LifeProof!

    And in follow-up:  Rush told me that he found my phone 40 feet off the beach, in 10 feet of water, under 6 inches of sand!


    Rick Ball

  • Family Reunion Gone Bad

    In August 2014, during an annual family reunion/camping trip in Bellingham, Washington I put my LifeProof protected Galaxy S5 through the ultimate series of tests.

    The first test came when we decided to float the local river. Thinking myself clever I placed my phone inside a Ziploc bag to protect it during the float. After all, we would need a way to call for pickup once done with our float. With the float trip completed, we pulled our gear to the pick up point. I pulled out my Ziploc protected phone and realized... Oh clever idea had failed miserably! Approximately 1 cup of water was sloshing around inside the bag with my LifeProof protected phone! I shook it off, fired it up, and it worked!
    Thanks to LifeProof our ride was on the way and we didn't have to walk the 3 miles back to camp!

    On to test #2... our ride shows up and we begin loading our tubes and kayaks into the back. Being the nice guy I am, I jump in and help load the gear AFTER setting my phone on the rear bumper of the pickup truck. (You see it coming don't you!) We piled in and took off. I had forgot to grab the phone and had left in on the bumper! Once back at camp I realized what had happened. We went back to the pick up zone. We began walking down the road looking for the phone, calling the lost phone every 50' or so, with another phone. Unbelievably we located the vagabond approximately 1/2 mile from where we had loaded our river gear. Again I placed a test call and IT STILL WORKED! The phone had survived test 2, still working despite having hit the pavement at over 30 mph.

    How lucky can a guy get I thought! It's not luck, it's LIFEPROOF! So the phone, now called "Lucky", had now survived water and extreme impact. The 3rd and final test began the next day. As we packed to head home, "Lucky" was nowhere to be found. Feeling depressed at losing my phone after all the previous days phone drama, we finished packing and headed home, sure that the phone would never be seen again. Eight months later, in April of 2015, I received a call. To my amazement I was told that the property owner of last year's campsite had found the phone! "Lucky" had laid in the mud, rain and snow of 3 consecutive Pacific Northwest seasons; summer, winter and spring.

    So there I was cleaning 8 months worth of muck and debris off the phone, all the while thinking to myself "there's NO WAY this thing still works". Wrong! After a quick charge "Lucky" fired up immediately and works great! Thanks LIFEPROOF, for a product that really works!

    -Jason Ireland 


    The testimonial shared is an individual experience, sent to us by a customer of Otter Products, LLC. It may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience, nor is it intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

  • 24 Hours Underwater

    I lost my phone and thought someone may had even taken it. Come to find out, it had fallen in the water at a swimming area where locals hang out. Someone went diving there the next day and found my phone! It had been sitting under about 5-6 feet of water for over 24 hours and the phone works completely fine! Not a single drop of water inside! I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 with a LifeProof Fre. I really can't believe how well the case actually works. Thank you LifeProof!

    -Mae Skiver


    The testimonial shared is an individual experience, sent to us by a customer of Otter Products, LLC. It may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience, nor is it intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

  • Lost and Found at Shipwreck Beach

    Area where phone was lost and found

    I have a iPhone 5s with the Nuud case and I dropped my phone while picking up my son from being hit with a large wave. The same wave took my phone out past the rocks and into the ocean. I tried to find it but failed.

    Because I had a LifeProof case on it the phone still worked. I was able to put it in "lost mode" and track it as it drifted in and out of the large waves and sharp rocks, way beyond my reach. My husband had stated even if we found it, it was lost in salt water and there was no way that even a LifeProof case could stand up against the salt water. So we decided to go on with our day and enjoy the vacation.

    Two hours later we recieved a phone call from a very honest family from Colorado who found my phone on the beach about 1/4 of a mile from where I lost it. We picked up the phone that evening and although there were a few more scratches on the case (not as many as I was expecting) and a scratch in the screen cover (which I will replace) my phone was in perfect working order! I took it out of the case and the phone was dry and clean on the inside.

    With the time the phone spent in the water (approx two hours), the large waves, sharp rocks, and saltwater we are amazed the phone washed up and even more amazed it still worked. Of course now, I will have this phone and case until the phone dies! I'm a fan for life now!

    Thanks LifeProof!

    -Sandra Crawford


    The testimonial shared is an individual experience, sent to us by a customer of Otter Products, LLC. It may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience, nor is it intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

  • Extreme Ax Men iPhone

    I lost my phone while I was felling trees on a 60 acre tract of timber! I am a logger/forester by trade and I had covered so much ground that day that I knew I would probably never find it. It snowed 6 inches the next day and I thought it was a goner! What a terrible time to lose a phone... in the middle of the woods right at the beginning of winter. I thought if I didn't drive over it with a 15 ton machine, we call a skidder, or didn't drop a tree on it, just the snow and extreme cold that we had in Pennsylvania this year would for sure kill it! So we finished that job, and I just called that phone a casualty of war. I just got a call yesterday and someone was hunting in those specific woods and found an iPhone 4s with a LifeProof case. They plugged it in and called "home", and it was mine! Under 18 inches of snow and -15 degree temperatures, plus you can see where that it got hit with something super heavy... I think I may have drug a skid of trees over it at one time, and the phone is golden!! Like nothing happened, the LifeProof case is incredible! So I am using it right now. That is an extreme case, for extreme people! Really cool!

    Thanks LifeProof!

    ~Michael Hoffman


  • A bad day at the lake saved by Lifeproof

    My kids (ages 7 and 9) and I went to a reservoir in Utah on a very hot summer day, and we were offered a ride on a wave runner by a very nice couple. We were happy and surprised by this opportunity that I asked my daughter to grab my iPhone 5s so we could take a picture and send it to my husband.  It slipped out of her hand and dropped next to the dock in 10 feet of water.  The water and the ground were very muddy.  People around us were positive the phone was never to be found again and definitely never to work again.  I paid attention to where it was dropped so I could have my husband help me find it. Meanwhile, a backhoe came and moved the dock out a few feet. “WHY?” I asked.  As the water drops in the reservoir they have to move the docks so people can get to their boats.  My hope of finding the phone faded quickly.  I left and returned 4 hours later with my husband who amazingly found it after only a few dives.  What is even more amazing is that the phone still works!  I showed everyone around, the LifeProof case and sang its praises.  So I am writing to tell you what an amazing product you have. Thank you for saving the day!

    ~Martina Costello

  • Ice Fishing Accident

    My dad, uncle, younger brother and I recently went ice fishing at Lake St. Clair. We were several hundreds of feet out and the water was about 10 feet deep with below freezing temperatures. We set up our tent, made our fishing holes, and prepared the rods. Several hours pass and we were desperately waiting for fish, but none were to be seen. My dad and uncle went around the lake creating more holes in search for fish as my brother and I occupied the two holes we created in the tent. As I’m the only one with a LifeProof case on my iPhone 6, I had my phone out taking pictures and texting a couple friends and family, letting them know how things were going on the lake. As my brother and I were watching the fishing holes, my phone sat on my lap. Eventually a fish came by, which shocked me as we hadn’t seen one all day, causing me to spring up in order to catch the fish before it swam away. This ultimately launched my phone down the fishing hole! My phone plummeted to the bottom of the lake, directly beneath the hole. I called my dad and uncle over and showed them what happened. My phone sat screen up on the bottom of the lake, I could even see my phone light up with notifications from a text message. My uncle made a fishing line with an extra heavy weight on it, to successfully sink it to the bottom with some decent leverage, along with a bigger / triple hook I tried to fish the phone out myself but had no luck. After, my uncle decided to give it a go, and about five minutes later he hooked it onto the curve of the backside top of the phone case and slowly pulled the string back to the surface, where I grabbed my phone to secure it. When we got the phone back up, I unlocked the screen and everything was working perfectly! Like if I never dropped it to the bottom of a freezing lake. The LifeProof saved my phone. My phone had no damage whatsoever. I thanked my uncle for being able to retrieve the phone and I especially want to thank LifeProof for my investment in this phone case!

    -Larry Rekar

  • Snow Storm + Lost Phone + F150

    My wife and kids recently came home from snowmobiling during a snow storm with white out conditions.  When we got home my daughter realized that she had lost her phone.  We used the Find My Phone App to locate the lost phone.  We found the phone out in the road where she must have dropped in and realized that it had been driven over by my F150 full size truck.  Fortunately she had her LifeProof case.  Thanks to LifeProof, the phone not only worked after being dropped in a snow storm, but it also worked after being driven over by a truck!  We recoverd the phone with no damage!

    ~Jared Kendall

  • A Dunking

    Apart from dropping my phone regularly, the other day I accidentally fell off my houseboat into the Thames! It was freezing, but luckily for me the tide was up. Luckily for my iPhone 5 it was snug in a LifeProof Fre case!

    It was in 6 feet of water for 4 hours before the tide went down. The white case made spotting it easy in the dark. It was still bone dry, fantastic! I highly recomend this case Thanks LifeProof!

    -Harry Rankin

  • Washing Machine

    My iPhone 5c with its LifeProof went through a heavy duty wash cycle with a load of clothes last night and never missed a beat.  The phone is working fine and quite clean, I might add! :)