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Waterproof with a splash of color

Date: Aug 02, 2013

It’s not a black & white world — dress your iPhone accordingly.

In the beginning, LifeProof cases came in any color you wanted, as long as it was black. And, black’s not a bad color, especially if you’re a metal head, fashionista or Comic-Con fanboy. But what about those who don’t subscribe to such narrow fashion standards? Add a splash of color to your wireless life with a LifeProof iPhone case — now available in a wild array of colors!


Sure, the LifeProof engineers may be eggheads, but they’re fashion forward eggheads. In fact, a stroll through their top-secret laboratory reveals more Abercrombie and A.P.C. than a campus-row frat house — and nary a pocket protector in sight. And, it’s these color-loving technocrats we all have to thank for the new LifeProof colors.

See, it takes more than food coloring and a Sharpie to color a LifeProof case. To tint the high-tech plastics while maintaining the protective qualities takes a combination of chemistry, science and voodoo. And lucky for us, the colorful personalities on our engineering team got the balance just right. 

In addition to black and white, you can now color your iPhone 5 with fashionable shades like magenta, cyan, red, teal, lime and yellow. And, if your style is less Donna Karen and more Duck Dynasty, cover your iPhone 4 in nature-inspired hues like olive drab green, dark flat earth and mossy oak camo. Just be careful, a phone that’s invisible to wildlife can be hard to find.

Like all LifeProof cases, colored iPhone cases are waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof and shockproof. And, they come in the same slim, sleek all-protective package that lets you use your iPhone everywhere, everyday for everything — without worry.