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Snowboarding With An iPhone

Date: Mar 06, 2013

Pump Adrenaline and Tunes on the Slopes!

Some activities just need a soundtrack. When you're skating at the roller or ice rink, you’ve got the organist playing the Hokey Pokey. The Superbowl halftime show is just not complete without aging pop stars lip-syncing tunes that are long past their top 40 prime. And, snowboarding without the appropriate soundtrack blaring is like snowboarding naked, in the figurative and aural sense, of course.

The next time you're packing your gear and start to wonder, "Should I take my iPhone snowboarding with me?" the answer is an emphatic "Yes!" You can hit the slopes with the ideal playlist cued up on your iPhone so you'll be totally pumped and ready to go when you slide off the chair lift for the first run of the day.

The IP-68 waterproof protection that LifeProof iPhone and iPad cases deliver works just as good in melting snow and ice as it does in your backyard pool. Plus, the shockproof protection of your LifeProof case comes in handy when you’re hucking big airs and during those occasional wipeouts. And, it’s not just for snowboarding – downhill skiers, cross-country skiers and snowshoe trekkers can also have their trusty iPhones handy while enjoying the winter wonderland.

iTunes isn't the only app you'll use out on the slopes. Creative developers have released a number of excellent snowboarding apps including snowEdge that gives you a good idea of your skill level. It measures how fast you go, how tight you carve your turns and even how much air you get. With it you can definitely earn some après–ski, or rather "après–snowboarding" bragging rights. And if your stats aren't that great, stash your iPhone in the pocket of one of the local pros for the day and retrieve it later…

Of course there are also a large number of snowboarding apps geared specifically for the major ski resort areas throughout the country. They'll give you the inside scoop on local conditions and plot your course down the slopes.

So check these major points:

  • Snowboarding without a soundtrack is wrong
  • LifeProof iPhone cases protect your phone against melting snow and ice
  • LifeProof cases protect against shock
  • There are some great snowboarding apps
  • A LifeProof case allows you to safely use these apps out on the slopes