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LifeProof for Healthcare

Date: Aug 02, 2013

Tablets and smartphones are making the rounds.

Like any industry that relies on high-tech solutions, healthcare is using smartphones and tablets more than ever to stay connected. With the power to connect in an instant, and backed by thousands of mobile health apps, mobile electronics improve patient care and keep practitioners in the loop.

From ambulances and hospitals to doctors on the move and mobile health care, smartphones and tablets are here to stay. Instant access to medical records, patient sign-ins, prescriptions and diagnostics is critical to critical care. And, mobile electronics are the cost-effective replacement for expensive and outdated medical-specific equipment.

Problem is, hospitals, house calls and emergency scenes are not exactly friendly environments for delicate electronics. Accidental drops, chemicals splashes and even bodily fluids can make mincemeat of an unprotected iPad. Which is why more and more healthcare professionals are turning to LifeProof to keep their smartphones and tablets protected, connected and on the move.

Built to be water and drop proof, LifeProof cases are immune to the two biggest device dangers in the clinical environment. LifeProof keeps your organizations mobile assets healthy, so you can keep the pulse of your patients.

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