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LifeProof for Education

Date: Aug 02, 2013

Tablets, smartphones and the lessons learned.

Thanks to tablets and smartphones, the classroom of tomorrow is here today. Not only do mobile electronics make teaching easier and learning more exciting, they take hands-on knowledge to new levels. Because as we all know, most students would rather touch an iPad than crack a book!

That’s because kids today are more connected with technology than ever. In fact, they were born into it. And, this tech is a long way from the Atari 2600 and Nintendo NES days. Modern electronics take gaming to new levels, and educators are harnessing this power for learning. By bringing lessons alive with interactive instruction and multi-touch textbooks, learning is exciting. And, with thousands of educational apps just a touch away, kids have the world at their fingertips.

But as many teachers and parents have learned the hard way, kids and delicate electronics are not a good combo—for the electronics anyway. Kids get excited and antsy, and are prone to accidents and mishaps. In an instant, a $600 iPad can go from an interactive learning tool to a lifeless submarine exploring the depths of the toilet. 


That’s where LifeProof comes to the rescue. Built to meet military (and to exceed student) specifications for drop and spill protection, LifeProof keeps tablets protected from the biggest device danger of all – kids on the move. That way, parents and teachers can focus on the kids and the teaching – instead of worrying about the device.

LifeProof focuses on keeping the school’s investment protected and connected, so educators can focus on the educating.