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How Any Anti Reflective (AR) Coated Optical Glass is Great for Filming

Date: Mar 06, 2013

From Viral Videos to Major Studio Releases, AR Coated Optical Glass is a Must.

Professional filmmaker Park Chan-Wook from South Korea shot his last movie, Paranmanjang, using an iPhone. We haven't seen it yet. So far it hasn't made the lineup at the local cineplex. However, we understand that it's a short fantasy-horror film that has a time travel or time bending element in it.

Sometimes filming horror movies can get—How can we put this delicately?—a little messy. If Chan-Wook was using one of our LifeProof cases he could be certain that his phone was being protected from horror movie goo while he was still capturing excellent video.

That's because we use anti-reflective coated optical glass when we build our iPhone and iPad cases. And, just like our cases keep all the bad stuff away from your iPhone or iPad to prevent it from being damaged, the glass in our cases, with its anti reflective coating, prevents reflections from marring your photographs and videos.

People who wear glasses probably learned about the benefits of an AR coating when they sat down to pick out frames and lenses. Glass with an anti reflective coating works to eliminate those annoying streaks and spots of light that pop up sometimes when ambient conditions make it difficult to see.

One of the beauties of the iPhone and iPad is their ability to capture and display images in extraordinary detail. However, that detail is only as good as the glass that the light must pass through on its way to the image sensor.

While you may never make a professional film like Park Chan-Wook, capturing images and videos to share with your family and friends is probably one of the main reasons you love your iPhone or iPad. And, you always want to send them the highest quality images.

Of course, at the same time you need to protect your device. Everyone would love seeing the photos and videos from your vacation in the Caribbean, but you don't want the saltwater to damage your device. Protecting your iPad or iPhone with a LifeProof case featuring anti reflective coated optical glass is the best of both worlds. You get great picture quality and unsurpassed protection.

When you list the facts, you see that it's unbeatable:

  • Great video and photographs demand high quality glass lenses
  • Anti reflective glass helps eliminate ugly and annoying reflections
  • AR glass and a LifeProof case deliver beautiful images and the highest level of protection