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Skiing With an iPhone

Date: Mar 13, 2013

Schuss with Your Phone Safely Encased.

When you hit the slopes, it’s pretty much inevitable that at some point you’ll end up examining a snow bank from the inside out. Lucky for you, your ski bibs and waterproof skin protect you. But, if you were listening to your Monster Mogul Playlist before your fall, your iPhone may not be as lucky. In fact, it might end up wicking water from the melting snow like a sled dog on the last leg of the Iditarod.

The challenge is how to properly protect an iPhone while skiing – and the folks at LifeProof have the answer. All LifeProof iPhone cases are guaranteed waterproof and to be sure, each one is water tested before it leaves the factory. And, to be doubly sure about the integrity of our iPhone cases, after they have all been water tested, some are randomly selected for a second trial by water.

When you get a case from us, there's no doubt that it's a waterproof iPhone case. If you want to go skiing with your iPhone, you have no worries. Heck, you can even jump into the ski resort's indoor pool and snap a pic of the action with your phone. LifeProof cases are rated to a depth of 6.6 feet with a submersion time of up to 60 minutes. Long enough to turn you into a prune.

For you guys who need all the technical specs, here they are. LifeProof iPhone cases meet or exceed the requirements for an IP-68 Ingress Protection Rating. That's the specification that covers dust protection as well as water and snow protection. (Hey, isn't snow basically water in dust form?)

And, when skiing with an iPhone, it's also good to know that our cases are shockproof. They are tested to military specs and can survive a two-meter drop. So, go ahead and huck yourself over that punk planker, your iPhone’s safe and sound.

The next time you head up to the slopes to maneuver the moguls, conquer the black diamonds or hang out in the chalet, you can have your iPhone with you at all times and not fear exposing it to the snow or dropping it into one of those big puddles of slush out in the parking lot.

The flurry of info, melted down:

• Skiers enjoy their tunes out on the slopes
• iPhones are very susceptible to water damage
• LifeProof iPhone cases prevent snow and water ingress
• With a LifeProof case you can take your iPhone when you ski and not worry