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Date: Apr 22, 2013
Learn the LifeProof Lingo.

1. IP-68: This specification defines the toughest level of waterproof, dust proof and dirt proof protection. A LifeProof case can withstand talcum powder exposure for eight hours and be dunked 6.6 feet underwater for 60 minutes.

2. Charge Port Door Seal: The Charge Port Door Seal keeps all the bad stuff from getting into the 30-pin or Lightning connector on your device.

3. Counterfeit: Synonyms for this are fake, pirated, imitation, hoax, fraud, rip-off, forgery and phony. And, everyone hates a phony, right?

4. CrystalClear Optics: The lenses on LifeProof cases deliver superior clarity and resolution. On a clear day, with a LifeProof case, you can see forever.

5. Dirt Proof: Grime and dirt, no matter how fine it is, stay out of LifeProof cases.

6. Dock Extender: The handy dock extender allows you to easily connect the charging port without removing the device from the case.

7. Headphone adaptor: Listen to your tunes in dusty and wet environments with the LifeProof headphone adapter.

8. Headphone jack cover: When you're not listening to your underwater playlist, the headphone jack cover keeps dust, dirt and snow out.

9. Headphone jack cover keeper: With the headphone jack cover keeper, you always have a place to keep your headphone jack cover.

10. LifeProof frē: frē technology is LifeProof’s name for our cases that have screen covers. frē cases deliver the utmost 4-proof protection.

11. LifeProof nüüd: nüüd screen-free technology is LifeProof’s compression-lock system that forms a waterproof seal between the case and the touchscreen – delivering complete four-proof protection with perfect clarity and touch.

12. Living Proof: Every day someone comes up with more living proof that testifies to the quality and protective powers of LifeProof cases. These are examples from real life.

13. Microfiber cleaning cloth: Included with every LifeProof case is a microfiber cleaning cloth, the best way to wipe clean your device and remove everyday fingerprints and grime from the case.

14. Military Standard 810F-516: Gravity wins and that's why LifeProof cases meet this standard. With our cases iPads and iPhones are safe when dropped from heights as high as four and 6.6 feet respectively.

15. O-ring: A quality o-ring seals up the LifeProof case and keeps the hard – and wet – realities of the world away from your iPhone or iPad.

16. Shockproof: ‘Shock’ in this term refers to the jarring an iPhone or iPad takes when it is dropped – not the static electricity shock you get when wearing socks and reaching for the doorknob.

17. Snow Proof: Snow, which looks so pretty on holiday cards, can wick its way into an unprotected iPhone or iPad. LifeProof cases prevent this disaster.

18. Sound Enhancement System: Our engineers performed a miracle when they designed the LifeProof Sound Enhancement System. Protect your device and hear your music and conversations.

19. Water Test: Every LifeProof case is tested at the factory before we ship it. And, thanks to random selection, some get tested twice.

20. Waterproof: LifeProof cases prevent water incursion down to 6.6 feet.