LifeProof for Healthcare

We provide the protection — you provide the care

Healthcare professionals are more connected than ever — and they’re using smartphones and tablets to make those connections. These powerful devices connect in an instant, improve patient care, keep up with the industry’s hectic pace and so much more. And, LifeProof provides the protection you need to keep them protected, connected and on the move.

LifeProof for Healthcare


Connecting Provider and Patient

Tablets and smartphones are making the rounds

Hospital + Clinic
Hospital + Clinic

Mobile devices are a natural fit for any hospital or clinic. From the bedside to the pharmacy, instant access to medical records, patient sign-ins, prescriptions and diagnostics is critical to critical care. And, with thousands of healthcare apps, mobile electronics are the cost-effective replacement for expensive and outdated industry-centric equipment.

LifeProof protects devices from the pitfalls of multiple users, shift changes and quick response times. Plus, they’re easy to clean and sanitize so they’re always safe in any environment.


From hospitals and homecare to clinics and virtual house calls, mobility has made its way into healthcare. Doctors and caregivers can access, send and receive crucial information, and provide critical care wherever the patient may be — whether it’s the other side of the facility, the other side of town or the other side of the world.

Taking the worry out of using tablets and smartphones in any mHealth environment, LifeProof cases let doctors, nurses and clinicians focus on the patients and the tasks at hand.

Ambulance Services
Ambulance Services

Emergency medical technicians have to be ready for anything — and so does their equipment. Mobile devices help reduce risk, improve safety and let techs share real-time data between agencies. At a fraction of the cost of ruggedized laptops and costly electronics, iPads and iPhones are the technology of choice for first responders.

When equipped with LifeProof, tablets and smartphones are easy to clean and ready to face the hostile environments emergency medical workers come face to face with everyday.


Protect and make the most of your organization’s mobile assets.

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The LifeProof Solution

Getting the most from your mobile investment

The Proof is in the Protection

LifeProof keeps your organization’s mobile investment protected, connected and on the move. Water and drop proof, our cases are immune to the two biggest device dangers in the clinical environment. LifeProof keeps your mobile assets healthy, so you can keep the pulse of your patients.

Four Proofs
Four Proof Protection

When it comes to medical emergencies and critical care, timing is crucial. To make sure your mobile devices keep the pace, protect them with the Four Proofs from LifeProof. Waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof and shockproof, LifeProof helps you handle the challenges of healthcare.

Beyond Protection

With LifeProof, it’s not just about protection. Our cases are slim, sleek, refined and designed to amplify your smartphone and tablet’s potential. Ergonomic to the touch with complete access to every button, control, feature and function, you won’t notice it’s there — until you’re glad it is!


LifeProof in Action

How healthcare is using LifeProof right now


Post delivery complications can sometimes separate mom and baby for up to 2 days, causing stress for both.

  • Crucial bonding moments lost forever
  • Causes stress for both mom and baby
  • Anxiety extends recovery times

LifeProof Solution

Nurses use LifeProof-protected iPads to let mom and baby interact via FaceTime.

LifeProof Solution


Greatly reduced patient stress allows mom and baby to begin the natural bonding process.

  • Mom can see and hear her new arrival
  • Nurses can update mom in real time
  • Family gets to meet baby right away

LifeProof Case Study

From Doctor's Office to Disaster Area, LifeProof Safeguards Tech Tools

From Doctor's Office to Disaster Area, LifeProof Safeguards Tech Tools


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What the healthcare industry is saying

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... can not only take a beating and be submerged underwater, but are also easy to clean after a messy call.

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