How do I use the LifeProof Dock Extender?

Last Updated: 10/25/2012 7:42 pm

The LifeProof Dock Extender is an easy way to use your LifeProof'd iPhone with your iPhone or iPod dock. Simply open the charging port of your LifeProof case and insert the Dock Extender with the LifeProof logo facing upwards. It will plug into your iPhone just like a USB syncing cable. You may find it easier to insert the Dock Extender by angling it slightly downwards as you insert it.

The LifeProof Dock Extender is compatible with iPhone docks that have interchangeable dock plates (which are made to fit specific devices. Just remove any dock plate currently inserted into the dock and plug your LifeProof'd iPhone (with attached Dock Extender) directly onto the 30 pin connector. The open charge port of the LifeProof case will help to support the phone while it is docked.