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Date: Apr 22, 2013
There are Buyers Waiting for Your Gear.

Lots of us are devotees of the various websites that publish rumors about the release of new Apple products and we're always on the lookout for what to expect in the next iPhone. It seems like they're updating the iPhone about once a year.

With the popularity of the iPhone combined with Apple's release of new models, it has created an entire secondary industry centered around reselling used iPhones. Two of the most popular searches on Google we believe are "where can I download free MP3s" and "where can I sell my old iPhone."

Users are always wondering what to do with an old iPhone and many of us would like to squeeze a few bucks out of them if we can. Apple itself has a reuse and recycling program. If they conclude that your device has any value, they will issue you an Apple Store gift card. And, like all the other services we'll discuss, they foot the cost of shipping. Apple will also take devices and computers that don't have any cash value and recycle them, including non-Apple computers.

Among the iPhone buying sites we recently checked were,,,,,,,,, and These sites do come and go fairly often, so compare a few yourself. An eBay auction is also a possibility.

Once when we checked offer prices on a particular iPhone model, they varied between a high of $85 and a low of $45. Condition is always part of the equation. A phone that's been protected by a LifeProof case should bring top dollar. It's also a good idea to save original packaging and manuals, if you can.

Of course when you ask what to do with an old iPhone, selling it isn't the only answer. You can donate it to a local group such as the Goodwill. You can also check out e-Stewards to find a recycler near you that supports the proper disposal of electronics. Make sure you wipe sensitive data.

Here's the summary:

• Eventually everyone wonders what to do with an old iPhone
• Many websites will buy used iPhones
• The value of your phone depends on its condition
• A LifeProof case will keep your iPhone looking factory fresh
• Recycling or donating is also an option for used iPhones
• Be certain to erase sensitive information before selling or recycling your iPhone